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This shot was definitely a spur of the moment, but at that one moment, there was no wind, the suns placement was perfect, the water was still, and my handy dandy point and shoot was patiently waiting in my pocket.  After looking at this shot, I realized that there seems to be something about a reflection that is attractive to the human eye. Although this shot is a very simple shot and was in every sense relatively easy to capture, the presence of the clear reflection in the shot immediately captures the eyes attention.  The question I then asked myself was, where and what does the natural eye focus on first when looking at for example this picture of a reflection.  I found myself “reflecting” back to when I first recognized the presence of the mirrored image before I took the shot.  I realized that my path of vision first started by refocusing on one tree within the reflection, and then immediately the reality and presence of the entire reflection on the pond came into view.  My brain translated the image, defined the line of symmetry, and then put the words “wow thats sweet!!” into my mouth.  Its kinda like when one zooms back out with his or her camera and it suddenly and automatically refocus on the broadened view. Of course with the brain, all of this happens in about 3 seconds, but yet I find it truly fascinating! It only increases my testimony that God is in every sense real, and that He has blessed us with these amazing bodies.

Now as I pondered over the image and concept of a reflection, a beautiful analogy unfolded in my head, and I understood more fully that because Christ often taught using parables, the people had a deeper understanding of the Gospel.  There are two points that I would like to make regarding reflections and the Gospel:

1. Often times we do not recognize whats in front of us and we have to readjust our eyes in order to get the whole “picture”.  The Gospel plays a key role in our lives. It unfolds God’s plan for us. It gives purpose to our lives. It revolves around our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and as such, as a member of His church I am striving to follow His example.  Everything we do, every day, every choice, takes us somewhere.  Sadly, satan is very real, and in every sense he influences the world in which we live. As sons and daughters of God, we have to remember IMG_1365what is most important, we have to reajust our eyes every once in a while, always remembering who we are and who we can become.  Dont let the distractions of the world change our perspective and lose sight of whats most important. Eternity is a long time, and this life is short.  How broad is our view, how eternal is our perspective?

2. Our lives are a reflection and there are many influences that can and do distort it.  However the object or subject of the reflection, will always be there.  Just like Christ will always be there to lift us up when we our lives are distorted, by Satan and his followers.  One stone may only cause a slight rift in the reflection, but many stones can quickly ruin the reflection altogether.  Our reflection, our countenances, must be sanctified by the Holy Ghost.

Alma 5:19  “I say unto you, can ye look up to God at that day with a pure heart and clean hands? I say unto you, can you look up, having the image of God engraven upon your countenances?”

Is the reflection of Christ engraven upon ourselves? He is the Light, the way, and the perfect example.  As sons and daughters of God, our reflections can become clear as we live the Gospel.


Eternal Perspective

Eternal Perspective

As we come to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our view on this life changes and we recognize the importance of our daily decisions. Eternal life is a very long time, and understanding God’s plan for us brings peace and comfort for what seems like the unknown.


“Time, an object, idea, proved theory?

Possibly, the essence of being mortal.

For we as humans, walking and breathing, are programmed to know that everything,

has a beginning, and thus, an end.

Yet we find ourselves, often staring at the stars, and wondering, realizing,

That for us, there is no end to space.

The light we see from these stars,

Years old, when it reaches our eyes, goes in every direction.

Who else we wonder, could be seeing this light? Why do they shine?

Purpose, a product of time, then comes into play.

We realize, everything in this life has a purpose.

Every piece of matter, its own assignment.

Earth, being a very complex and organized object, must have a purpose.

As time continues, we advance and grow, studying the planet in which we thrive.

We progress, and innovate.

Studying objects with their own purpose, and creating new objects with a new purpose.

Birds, airplanes, a relationship so obvious, but why we wonder?

Evolution, a big bang, it doesn’t make sense.

For a world where everything has a purpose, to start by mistake, randomly?

We turn to the scriptures.

The plan of Salvation, a plan of happiness, a plan of purpose.

A higher power started this “evolution”, taught to us repeatedly.

We continue reading, He provided a world, He provided growth, and ultimately purpose.

Yet the question remains, what is our purpose?

Memories, another product of time, reveal to us, how we have grown.

The mistakes, even they, have purpose.

For we have grown.

However they also show happiness, and what’s better than happiness?

We turn to the scriptures again, “Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have joy.”

In that moment we realize, our purpose is to be here.

To be part of the plan of salvation.

To pursue pure happiness, which naturally all men seek.

However, this happiness will not be worldly, not found through money, but found through our choices.

Right from wrong, a gift at birth, developed through time, provides a path for He had a plan from the beginning.

And every path, leads somewhere.

One conclusion, we determine, can be made.

Everything happens for a reason.

Two years (or 18 months) of service, for example,

Time providing physical limits, but the results are eternal, a purpose for this life.

For reason itself, can only be found through purpose, and purpose, can only be found through time.”

– Elder Collin Francom